One Bag of 200 Hive Caps™ — 50 Reversible Pieces with Four Large and Four Small Ink Cups
Experience a versatile set up with the innovatively designed Hive Caps™. These tattoo ink cap pieces can be used individually or can be snapped together and configured in countless ways, allowing for convenient arrangement and organization of your palette as needed. Hive Caps™ can also be stacked to prevent ink from drying out and to reduce the risk of contamination, making them ideal for use at conventions or during long tattoo sessions. Designed to improve set-ups and breakdowns with efficiency, these stable Hive Caps™ help maintain a splatter-free, hygienic workspace.
Hive Cap™ pieces are reversible with four small caps on one side and four large caps on the other. The small caps are roughly the size of a #9 ink cup, while the large caps are roughly the size of a #16 ink cup; both sizes are designed to snap together effortlessly. The large caps also feature a 3-level measuring line to ensure consistent and reliable m