Tattoo comfortably and with minimal vibration using our Ara Adjustable Slider Machine. Our slider rotary machine, an alternative to the Azur Slider, offers an adjustable hit from soft to hard. Just twist the slider tensioner to the right for a softer hit or to the left for a harder hit.

Our Ara Adjustable Slider is equipped with a 2025 6W coreless motor. It operates at 10v 11000s. The slider is easy to keep clean and well-lubricated for quality performance.

Our Ara Adjustable Slider works with most cartridge needles. It comes equipped with springs, allen keys, O-rings, and RCA cord.

Key Features:

  • Blue machine body
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • 10v 11000s speed
  • 2025 6W coreless motor
  • 295g net weight
  • Easy-to-clean slider
  • Works with most cartridges
  • Equipped with springs, allen keys, O-rings, and RCA cord