Our Lazur Tattoo Power Supply offers artists the power they need to tattoo at their peak. The tattoo power supply features dual inputs and power knobs for operating up to two machines at once. Peak tattooing begins with a short-press of either power knob. Short pressing either knob also enables you to switch from momentary to continuous mode, or switch between two operating machines, making the transition from lining to shading or color packing as convenient as possible. Both power knobs allow you to easily perform separate voltage adjustments for your two active machines. For a peak-level strong start function, long-press either of the two knobs.

While tattooing, you can easily check your output voltage, amps, and speed (Hz) using the clear display screen on the face of the supply. Our Lazur Power Supply goes to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Wake it back up with a quick tap of your foot pedal or a short-press of the active power knob.

Our Lazur Tattoo Power Supply has a magnetic bottom for a sturdy setup. It comes equipped with a US power cable, adapter, and 20 disposable Peak-certified protective knob caps. International artists can purchase our Euro power cord separately. A detailed insert is also included for comprehensive operating instructions and our warranty information. For machine warranty information, visit the FAQ section of our site.

Key Features:

  • Measurements: 7.2” (L) x 4.8” (W); 3.1” (H)
  • Dual inputs and power knobs; operates 2 machines
  • Display screen shows output voltage, amps, and speed (Hz)
  • 100v–240v input voltage
  • 0v–18v output voltage with 1v adjustment increments
  • Start-up voltage is 10v; can be adjusted
  • 3.4A input current
  • Magnet bottom for peak-level setup
  • 2 USB 2A charging ports; can be used with other devices
  • Equipped with built-in short circuit protection
  • Works with standard 1/4” clip cords and foot pedal connections
  • Equipped with US power cable, adapter, and 20 disposable Peak-certified knob caps
  • Euro power cord purchased separately