Dermal Source Numbing Pain Relief – 4oz Vasocaine

Vasocaine Topical Anesthetic spray is designed for fast-acting pain relief during pain sensitive procedures, including but not limited to tattoo, piercing, and permanent makeup procedures. The active ingredient, Lidocaine, works with epinephrine to constrict the blood vessels to reduce swelling and bleeding.

Please note that Vasocaine is safe for use during procedures on open or broken skin, except for eyeliner. Because it contains epinephrine, only apply once in each area.


Size:  4oz
Active Ingredient:  Lidocaine HCI 5%
For use during pain sensitive procedures
Reduces swelling, bleeding, and bruising; fast-acting pain relief
Contains epinephrine to constrict blood
For external use only on broken skin; not for use around eyes
Price per one 4oz bottle